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Sorams - Accordion Toy

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Does Your Cat Get Bored Easily?

Cats are constantly looking to play but get bored easily by regular cat toys.

The Sorams Accordion Toy however was specifically designed to appeal to a cat’s natural predatory instinct, offering them a fun and stimulating way to play for hours without getting bored!

Less Anxiety - More Trust

1 in 3 cats shows symptoms of anxiety and stress caused by boredom. By providing proper stimulation, the Accordion can help reduce stress levels in cats, making them happier and more trusting.

Contributes To A Healthier Life

Cats are naturally meant to be active. In fact, being lazy can lead to issues like obesity, arthritis, or even worse. The Sorams Accordion Toy can even get the laziest of cats going in a matter of minutes!

No More Scratched Furniture Or Rugs

The Sorams Accordion Toy is not only fun to play with but serves another purpose - it is also a scratch-board and can withstand the sharpest of claws. Rest assured your furniture is safe from now on!

Easily Transformable

Due to the special structure of the box, the shape changes without much effort while playing, so there is no chance of boredom!

Sorams - Accordion Toy